Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Best Gift

I wasn't going to post anything regarding Valentine's Day this year.  Being my practical self I figured I had posted last year.   Since my feelings haven't changed, that should suffice....right?  As I was settling into this logical thought process,  I had a revelation.  Perhaps this is how the fun fades from a a relationship.  It's not that the loving feelings change.  It's not that appreciation or admiration wanes.  It's that we've said  all the sweet things so many times over the years.  What more is there to say?  Why say the same things over and over again?  They know, right?

After really thinking about it, I guess I have to make a confession.  I NEVER tire of hearing my husband tell me that he loves me.  I am always so happy to see his daily texts and to take his calls.  He tells me I'm an amazing wife.  He tells me he loves me and that I'm the best.  He compliments me frequently -- whether it's my cooking or my figure.  That never gets old.  Despite feeling self conscious and awkward....I like it.  He makes me feel special and safe. And it's not just his words.  He isn't all talk.  His actions show me every single day that I can count on him.  He doesn't let me down.  So, if his words of affirmation make me feel so great, why wouldn't the same be true for him?  Why would I ever withhold any positive or kind word?  There is no reason on earth to be stingy with words of appreciation and admiration.

It's in that spirit that I am writing this post.  I  want to make sure  I don't ever stop expressing my gratitude, respect, and love, for my husband.  He has been a tremendous blessing to me and the kids. Last year I wrote this post about him.   Another year has gone by and I remain grateful and happy to be his wife.   Not much has changed.  He is still the same great guy -- I just love him more.  I still dislike and find no use for Valentine's Day.  But, I still feel abundantly loved by my husband....on Valentine's Day and EVERY day.   I still love the same wonderful qualities about Brian. He's kind, thoughtful, hard working, affectionate, and supportive.  He makes me laugh -- even when I would rather not.  He is a gift to me.  Life would look a whole lot different without him in my life -- not nearly as happy.  He didn't have to choose me.  He didn't have to take on more children and responsibility.  But he did.  And because he did, he made so many things infinitely better.   I just hope he knows every single day how much he is loved and very much appreciated for all the good he does for everyone.  Like I said....he's a gift.   Lord, let me never forget it...and let me never take him for granted!

No bells and whistles.
It's still love in pastel yellow.....

As always....feeling lots of love and gratitude....