Sunday, July 13, 2014

All The Pretty Ponies

I am watching my girl grow up before my eyes.  I've realized as I have been riding with her this summer just how grown up she is.  I can remember her first horseback ride when she was just a toddler -- she was in love with horses from the start.  Now I watch as she rides without fear.  I am both very proud and very much afraid.......but mostly proud.  They grow up so fast!

Julia and Bonnie.  2014.
Finally a horse to call her own.

Julia and Marc's horse, Truffles.  2009.
Struggling to get that big stubborn horse to listen!  Truffles had a mind of her own.

Julia and sweet Annie.  2006.
This sweet pony got my girl hooked on riding.
I believe she has the hang of it!  These two are quite the pair. 


  1. I am still here watching/waiting.... Please pray for me... Oh how I just want to go AWAY!!!!!!!!

  2. It is an honor to pray for you. If you can, please try to get in touch.

  3. When one door closes, when does the other/another open? Wish I knew???? Knew what lies ahead. To have the knowledge of, if things will be ok. How do you trust again? How do you open your heart, whole heartedly, or ever again? So many questions an no answers....