Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Little-Big-Men!


Time has flown.  Yesterday my sweet little boys were...well...little.  They are still sweet, but I'm struck these days by how grown up they are.  Perhaps it's because this is the first birthday that they are taller than me.  Sniff.  Or, perhaps, it's the razor and shaving cream that have appeared in their bathrooms.  Is it their independence?  Their increasing wit?  Is it the driver's ed manual that Brian brought home?  Maybe it's the fact that I'm seeing the next four years flying towards me and realizing that their time under my roof is nearing an end.  They are just growing up too darn fast!
One of my favorite pictures of the boys is of Ben wearing Marc's shoes.  Marc had big feet -- they went  with his big framed body.  I was always amused by the boys' fascination with their dad's shoes.  They would put their tiny feet in them and try to clomp around the house.  Inevitably they would start to giggle and fall over.  I couldn't imagine them ever growing into them.  Well.  Here we are.  They wear the same size shoes as their dad.  They aren't babies anymore.  Denial is over.
I've watched as my boys have not only grown into their dad's shoes, but his heart as well.  I love seeing Marc's compassion and kindness come through in my two young men.  Marc would be proud of his sons.  While they are definitely 14 and teenager through and through, they make their mama proud.  I love hearing what they think.  I like watching them reach out and befriend others.   I admire their ability to respect others and their genuine interest in people.  It's not a common trait in adults, much less teens.  The grace with which they have handled so much in their young lives takes my breath away.  For all that life has thrown them, their smiles haven't changed all that much.  What an amazing testament to God's love and provision!
I'm excited to watch them continue to grow.  I know they aren't finished yet.  We've got a long ways to go for that.   For now, though, they are off to an amazing start.  We couldn't be more pleased with the men they are becoming.
Adam and Ben --
Brian and I are so proud of you and love you so much!  Keep up the good work! We think you're pretty awesome guys.



  1. Yes, Marc would be proud. They are fabulous young men!! Love, Mel.

  2. wow, do your boys look like your dad when they were little :-)