Monday, March 24, 2014

And Then God Made Hazel.....

This is Hazel....

Hazel belongs to the men in my life; however, Hazel believes that I belong to her.  Hazel was a good little puppy.....


This was a year ago.  Yes, our baby is one year old now.  Sigh.  Wasn't she precious? 

Fast forward a year. this is Hazel.


She is beautiful in her own way.  Or, so I am told....

What Hazel lacks in refined beauty, she makes up in personality.  She is also very gifted.  You see, Hazel is a hunting dog.  She loves, Loves, LOVES, to hunt.  Everything.  All day.  This is a dog on the move -- always stalking...always prowling.  Unfortunately, Hazel's gifts cannot be utilized on a daily basis.  She has to improvise. 

Multiple times a week, Hazel will bring me her kill.  She proudly displays her kills in the same place.  Prominently -- so I can admire them when I drive in the driveway.  I'll give you a little tour of her trophies and the changes she has made around the place.

#1  My Lobelia plant that I got for Mother's day 10 years ago.  Dead.

#2  A grainy picture of the garbage can lid.  Dead

#3  A Rubbermaid container that kept the kindling dry.  Dead

#4  A blue tarp.  The holes were a nice touch.  Very dead.

#5  The dryer vent cover.  Gone.  MIA.  She ate it, I think.

#6  The welcome mat at our entry.  You are still welcome, but.....

#7  The weed barrier that we use beneath the river rock.  Expertly shredded. Dead, dead dead.

#8  My spring flowers.  An exercise in futility.  Dead. We won't try that this year....

#9  The hose reel that was attached the house.  Also, dead...

#10  A cow femur.  Fortunately it didn't belong to our neighbor's cow.  It was part of Sophia's science show and tell.  Not anymore. Dead.

#11  Electric Fence Tape.  That one was fun.

#12  My mint plant.  Goodbye mojitos.  Goodbye minted salads.  Farewell. 

  A Styrofoam insulator brick.  Beyond destroyed.  Dead
#14  This is what is left of Luke's collar.  She ate it...tags and all. 
#15  Her one redeeming kill.  A mole.  Dead!  Unfortunately my yard looks like the landscape of the moon for all the effort she made in catching it. 

Most days I come home to a surprise.  Yes, I am very irritated.  I even mutter -- loud enough to hear -- really encouraging phrases.  Things like, "I hate that dog....I'm going to kill her....What on earth/!?."  Those types of phrases, mixed with groans and exasperated sighs, don't mask my annoyance very well.  But, I have to admit....I still like her.  AND, I think she's a genius!  Every single time she brings us a kill, she gets in BIG trouble.  She gets scolded.  I yell at her and give her my angry eyes.  She tucks her stubby tail and gives us the forlorn look.  It's not an act.  She feels terribly bad about her behavior. Despite the evidence above, she is a good dog.  She obeys.  Never once has she destroyed the same thing twice!

Sometimes you just need to tweak the perspective in order to love something...difficult.

Have a great spring break!

With love and gratitude....


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