Monday, April 15, 2013

A Shout Out To My Girl...

My lovely stepdaughter, Kami, reminded me this weekend that I haven't updated the blog in awhile.  She's checked.  She said that looking at the same posting is getting a little old.  Ahem...Sniff.  She suggested I update it and include a shout-out to girl, Kami.  I can call her my girl.  Anything I love is mine and she is much loved.  I digress.

I pondered what to update.  Much of what goes on around here doesn't seem newsworthy.  I did have surgery last week.  It went well and I am up and about.  For those of you hoping that Brian and I will have more kids, you can now give up that mean idea.  As perfect as our seven kids are and despite our award winning parenting skills (nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize are forthcoming), we figured we need to enjoy the next phase of life and step out of the limelight.  Babies are now a thing of the past. We are content with what we have and delight in all of our kids.  Refer to paragraph 1.

We have acquired a few new residents in the last three weeks.   We have a couple of new horses, which I'm looking forward to riding if my doctor will ever release me from this forsaken couch.  I digress again.   The boys got their very homely puppy -- her name is Hazel and though she is not very attractive she has won me over.  She is a pistol and shows great promise as a hunting dog.  Until that time she will continue to content herself with tormenting the other dogs, urinating on the patio, and stealing items to hide in her kennel.   My nephew has also come to live with us.  He came to Oregon from California to try out a slower (and I mean much slower) lifestyle.  He is looking for work and a new life up here.  Amongst other goals he wants a pet monkey.  We told him no.  We told him he can't bring anything in the house that eats or poops.  He wanted to know if he could have a girlfriend.  As she would break the eating and pooping rule, we are still deliberating. 

Hazel Nut

Hazel bluffs Hurley...and wins

Luke isn't sure what to think about his ball being stolen

All tuckered out....

There always seems to be a lot going on around here -- new stuff, new activities, chores, projects, social stuff.  It can all get really hectic, but our focus is to keep priorities straight.  We don't want to get so distracted with all the world stuff that we miss the important stuff.   Important stuff to me these days is sitting in church with my husband.  We hold hands and soak in the fact that we get to be with our kids, our niece, our nephew, and a huge community of amazing friends.  We get to come home and cook together and visit -- nothing exciting for the kids, but special for Brian and me.  It is such a treat to tease and joke, discuss, and simply hang out.  It's a time to be real and I think I love that most of all.   Important to me is sitting and drinking tea with Kami on the porch,  laughing with Tawny, brushing horses with Julia, reading with Sophie, or talking to Chris about his world views.   It's having good conversations with Adam and Ben.  They just turned 13 and I am so proud of them.  Sure, they are at an awkward junior high age, but I love their hearts and their character.  I'm excited to see them grow up.  Important to me is remembering to tell them those things.    I think most important is being grateful to God every day for the abundance of relationships with which he has blessed us.  I am so grateful for each and every one.

That brings me back to paragraph one -- The shout out.   I owe my girl, Kami, a thank you.  Often times this blog is more for me than anyone else.  It forces me to sit down and think and then organize those thoughts.  It helps me to process how I really feel about the hard things and the good things.  It reminds me of God's goodness and faithfulness in my life.  Face it, four years ago my life was not shaping up to be one of contentment and happiness.  From a world perspective it was sad and tragic.  I get to sit here today (on the forsaken couch) and rethink my blessings.  And, because she is responsible for this post and because she is one of my huge blessings, I get to spotlight Kami.  She needs to know how very proud her Dad and I are of her.  She works hard, she is a peacemaker, she is not selfish, and is generous.  These things do not go unnoticed.  A lot is asked of her...her plate is full...and yet she carries on with grace.  She asks for little, but she needs to know we are always here.  She is an amazing young lady and I'm proud to call her one of my own.

Kami and blessed to call them family!

With love and gratitude...