Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So This Is Christmas?


"The Fosters received the biopsy results; they are not encouraging. It looks like the GBM is back and is bigger than what the doctor thought, and it is also in multiple places. They will not do surgery. They might do radiation or Avastin to gain some time, but not much. The doctor is not God, but he gives Matt no longer than 6 months..."

I would like to introduce you to some very special friends of mine -- Matt and Anna Foster.  I have known Anna for as far back as I can remember.    Our families grew up in a very tight Baptist church when we were kids.   Up until recently Matt and Anna lived across the highway in the same neighborhood as us.   They have four kids.  So do we.  Our kids are the same ages. Our family loves Jesus, but this family is awe-inspiring when it comes to following and trusting Christ.   Like us, their daddy and husband has cancer.  Matt has had a very deadly form of brain tumor for five years.  He wasn't expected to live three months past diagnosis, but has fought this monster for five long years. For years they thought it was in remission, but that isn't the case any longer.  It's back and without a miracle, this disease will take Matt's life. 

Matt, Anna, and the boys, were a huge encouragement when Marc was sick.  Their boys ministered to our kids, they ministered into our lives....They gave us hope.  When Marc went home to heaven, Matt and Anna sang at Marc's memorial.  Without missing a beat this family served us in our grief.  Without missing a beat they continue to share the message of hope and salvation with anyone that will hear them.  Amazing.  Courageous. 

I have asked many times in my circle of praying friends that they lift Matt and Anna up.  I was sharing with my dear friend, Mel, the other day about the news regarding Matt.  She listened and agreed to pray.  Later she called and told me she had shared the story with another friend.  Neither of these women have met Matt, Anna, or their boys; however, both wanted to DO something.  Perhaps that's the hardest thing when we encounter these incredibly difficult trials.  We want to do something...anything...to fix it.  We know many of you wanted to do the same thing for Marc, me, and our kids, but there was just no fixing it. 

What I can say is that the outpouring of love and support when Marc was ill was a tangible touch from Christ for us.  Having friends and family help with our physical needs was a way that we felt sheltered by the Lord.  Many of you made us meals, helped with kids, cleaned our house, gave gifts of money, gift cards, and other resources.  We were helped generously by so many and cannot express enough gratitude.  You were His hands and feet during a time when we needed much help. It was beyond humbling. Thank you.

Our experience with the overflowing blessings from friends and family has forever changed my perspective.  I know firsthand how much Matt and Anna need the help of others.  They attend a beautiful and Christ centered church with a faithful congregation.  Their church family has supported them by providing many of their needs; however, there are many needs that the larger Christian community may be able...may want...to provide.

Many of us get tired of the material glut this time of year.  The meaning of Christ and Christmas is lost in the midst of gift giving, parties, and eating.  Not that any of this is bad, but sometimes we all want to be part of something more meaningful...something that is close to God's heart and would make Him smile during this season of His son's birth.  For those of you that want to DO something for a dear family in need this time of year, please consider a gift to the Foster family.  Much of their needs are monetary right now.  Basic needs are hard to meet and the next few months are going to pose extra financial burdens.  Our hope is to raise what we can to help with the following:

  • Medical expenses as they arise
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Fuel and repairs for their van
  • Clothing (one of the boys has a size 17 foot and is still growing.  Yikes!)
  • Funds to help pay for homeschooling supplies (Anna homeschools and consults for the company that provides the curriculum.  In exchange for her work they give her the curriculum she needs for the boys.  She will not be able to consult for the time being and will not be able to pay for the materials)
  • Some funds to provide Christmas gifts
  •  Also, here are  requested items for those in the local area (Gresham/Boring/Sandy) that would prefer to give a gift and not money.  Please know that Matt and Anna's boys are VERY tall young gentlemen.  Sizes are not typos :)
    • Benjamin -- Age 14
      • Height 6'2
      • Shoe size:   17 Wide (Yes, that is Seventeen....WIDE :)
      • Pants   36 x 34
      • Shirts  2XL
    • Elliott -- Age 12
      • Height 6'4" 
      • Shoe size:  14
      • Pants: 34 x 36
      • Shirts: XL Mens LONG
    • Christian -- Age 9
      • Shoe size:  9 Mens
      • Pants:  12/14 Husky (Must be husky)
      • Shirts:  L Mens (length of sleeve/body is important)
    • Gideon -- Age 7
      • Shoe:  7 Mens
      • Pants:  10 Husky
      • Shirts:  14 Youth or Small Mens
    • Also, they need a waterproof mattress pad.  Queen size.
Any items that you would like to donate, please contact me.  We will arrange a way to get those items to the family.

We are establishing an account in their name.  You will find the Paypal link HERE.  Their email address to access their paypal account is mattannafamily@gmail.com  OR you can mail funds to

PO Box 52
Troutdale, OR 97060

To read more about Matt and Anna, their testimony, and updates on Matt's health, go HERE.  You will be richly rewarded by their story and faithfulness.

We would ask that you prayerfully consider supporting this family. 

"Insasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my bretheren, ye have done it unto Me."

As always....With love and gratitude....

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