Friday, September 7, 2012

A Long Break...

I took the summer off from writing and updating the blog.  Several have asked if I have quit the blogging world.  I have been tempted, but instead decided simply to take the summer off.  We rested, we played, we got caught up on projects, did our chores, and spent hours with family and friends.  Most of all we learned to be a new little family.  It was a great summer and we are sad that it is over.  September is here and so starts school and all the activities that go with it.  My hope is that we will be here a bit more. 

In the is the summer in pictures.

The first fishing trip to Harriet Lake.  Julia smoked us all -- this was her first of many good sized trout! 

A subsequent trip to Timothy Lake to catch more trout and kokanee.  Are you sensing a trend here?  Fish like girls!
Brian and supermodel Kami at her fashion show debut.  She did great and was a fantastic sport! 
I finished!  I was able to finish Marc's race in Seattle.  13.1 miles of misery.  It would have been more miserable, but Jess kept me running the whole time...and entertained.  I couldn't have finished without her.  Thank you, Dear Friend!  I couldn't have done it without you.  Thanks again to all my friends that ran the race with me and to Slalom that made the event possible for us.  It was a hard, but great day!
After running the half marathon we took the kids to Pike Place for some fresh seafood.  This is Ben's reaction to oysters on the half shell.  No way, Man!
Sophie gave it a good try, but the slimy mouthful was just too much to swallow.  Out it came!  Oh, left a whole platter for Brian and I to finish up.  The kids went for the less raw calamari.
We spent the Fourth of July at home with friends and family.  Mel and Brian's sister, Deb, manage to keep me guessing.  They were plotting something here....makes me nervous :)  Actually, I love it when friends and family come together.  It does the heart good!
The end of July brought us back to East Lake where Brian and I first met.  Kami, in a much less supermodel role, escaped with her girlfriends out on the canoe.  I have to say we are blessed to be surrounded with a bunch of amazing kids!
Marc's cousin, Kelli, and her daughter, Maya, came up for a wonderful visit.  They were able to join us at East Lake.  Hopefully this will be an annual tradition! 
Brian's niece, Ali, went to horse camp with Julia.  It was so sweet to see our 20 year old niece being a role model for her 9 year old cousin. Again, I marvel at the amazing young people that we are blessed to have in our lives!  This is Ali and her mount, Bubba.
Julia learning the barrel pattern.  I think she would live on a horse if she could.
Brian and I were able to get away for a belated honeymoon/hunting trip -- after 7 kids and five months of was about time ;)  Above our cabin was this cable swing.  Brian pondered it for a brief moment before....
he took off!  This was so cool!
My turn!!!
Our trip provided some much needed time away.  We enjoyed being away from the rat race.  God's creation was extremely therapeutic.  I actually FINISHED a book in less than a month.  Amazing what one can accomplish with spare time! 
We saw lots of wildlife while we were away.  We saw plenty of targets, but came home without a freezer full of meat.  The only animals we captured were shot on film, not with Brian's bow.  Archery is tough!  This cow was hanging out with her herd by a creek.  
This guy was more nervous about us watching than his mama and sisters.  He'll make a nice big bull someday, but this year he was just a little spike.
This was my "kill" for the weekend.  He is mine, mine, all mine.  I named him Nigel.    What a monster!  He lived to see another day.
Thanks for catching up with us!  It was a great summer.  Hope you all enjoyed your own version of summer fun.  We'll look forward to communicating (hopefully) more consistently as fall gets into full swing.
With love and gratitude....


  1. Joe got a great kick out of the kids reactions to oyster on the half shell. His feelings exactly. I love oysters, but prefer them well done. Glad you finally got away for the much deserved honeymoon and great to see you back on here.

  2. Thank you for posting a flattering picture of me. Deb is not going to be quite so happy with your photo. We were probably plotting the caricature plan. Love ya!! Mel.