Friday, August 5, 2011

Simple Work. Simple Fun.

We have had a fairly busy couple of weeks.  I can't complain, though.  I live for summer.  I like the warm weather, the outdoor fun, and even all the work that starts heading our way as August arrives.  We have been working hard and playing hard.  It feels great to push through the day and fall into bed -- just to get up and do it again the next day.

Thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of the last couple of weeks.  Simple work followed by simple fun.

We spent five sunny days at Paulina and East Lake a couple of weeks ago.  It felt good to get out of Western Oregon and head for drier weather.  The kids loved playing in the lake, star gazing at night, and eating tons of great food.  Many thanks to Lil, Lew, Brian, Maejang and Chia, for spoiling us rotten on this trip!  We had a blast!

Sophia hit another milestone.  She finally learned how to ride her bike.  It might have happened sooner if she had let anybody teach her.  Big surprise...her response was, "I'll do it myself."  There you have it. 

We came home from camping to find our raspberries ready to pick.  Because of our cooler weather, everything has been late this year.  Despite the weather change, we have done well this year.  We have heaps of berries to pick and have had fun sharing them.  Needless to say we are spending a lot of time in the garden.

Of course, we no sooner get on top of the raspberries and the blueberries are right behind.  By the time the bushes are done producing I am weary of the picking, canning, and freezing.  It's always well worth it, though, in the middle of winter. 

Remember these little guys?  A couple of months ago I could pick them up in my arms.  Today was slaughter day and I think the largest of the bunch tipped the scales at over 250 pounds.  They aren't so cute anymore.  I'm always glad when this project is finished, too.  They get to be a bit of work towards the end...not to mention the less than lovely smell.

My sweet girl with her buddy, Nellie.  They have had a great summer just horsing around together.  I can remember being this age -- I was always outside with my horse.  Good memories.  It warms my heart that she finds joy in the same simple pleasures that I did as a kid.  It's not fancy, just simple fun.

The bunnies are doing what they do around the Griffith home.  We have had 19 babies since June.  These little guys are heading to new homes next week.  Nothing makes us smile more than watching these little puff balls scamper around. 

Okay, now onto "Man-Stuff."  I have a growing appreciation for the male of the species.  While I'm finding my way around the chainsaw, vermin, and repairs, I have certainly discovered my limitations.  I am firmly convinced that I can do ALL things through Christ; however, sometimes it's just nice to have guys around to expedite the process!  Word to the wise.....don't take the men in your life for granted. 

Grandpa setting out to work on the pump house.  He has been the driving force behind getting my pump house rebuilt and ready for winter.  He manages to help me out, travel for work, work on his own place, and make his grandkids feel special...not to mention a million other things.  Sophia thinks her grandpa is kinda special!  Can you tell?

The kids and I found this creepy, disgusting creature ambling down our driveway a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, it's a rat...and a large one at that.  I think he ate some of the exterminator's poison because he was pretty dopey.  Unfortunately, he was alive which meant that my dog wanted to kill it.  I figured if he was loaded with rat poison Hurley probably shouldn't touch it.  That left me with one option....Put a bucket over the top of it and think for a few minutes.  This was much like the day the pig died.  I was looking around, hoping that some magic rat killing person would materialize out of nowhere.  No such luck.  Again, that person was obviously me.  A sledgehammer and a shovel and that was the end of the rat.  I do believe I was an honorary man that day.....

Some things around here require a crazy man.  For instance, pressure washing and treating my roof for moss.  You will not ever find me jumping around on peak of my roof.  It made me queasy just watching the roofers up there. No...some jobs I readily get out my checkbook and let the professionals handle.  

This is of the two men of the house.  I am so proud of my boys and all the work they have been doing for me this summer.  Always with a good attitude and done well.  For being eleven, they are responsible for a lot.  We picked up a cord of wood from our friends this week.  They helped load and then spent a few hours on their own unloading and stacking it...without being asked.  Their dad would be incredibly proud of his little men.  I know I am.

Well, I'm off to get a few more things done around here.  Thanks for visiting us.  Enjoy these last weeks of summer.  They are flying by!

With love and gratitude...

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  1. My Dear Jane - I've been watching your blog like forever - and watching you and your kids go through this past tough year.

    What I like the most about this post - is that you all are going about living - - Celebrating successes and taking the time out to remember times gone by.

    You are an amazing woman with incredible children. Someday I look forward to meeting you at church.

    Kathy Pemberton