Sunday, June 12, 2011

Georgia...Sweet Georgia...

We took the last week and got away from it all.  The kids and I made a much anticipated trip back to Atlanta, Georgia, to visit Marc's sister.  It was an amazing time!  We were humbled and blessed by the hospitality shown us while we were there.  We made some amazing memories!

It was so special to connect with Marc's family.  We spent waaaay too many nights staying up and talking.  It was fascinating to watch home movies of Marc's dad and his family.  So much history to catch up on.  It seems like yesterday that we met them all for the first time in California; however, it was exactly a year ago.  While time seems to have hurried by, I was delighted by how close we feel to all of them after just one year.  I delight in watching the cousins play and talk, watching Angie's face and recognizing expressions and reactions similar to Marc, and being included in extended family.  It warms my heart!

We were able to enjoy several things that Georgia has to offer.  First, was heat!  It was so nice to thaw out in 90 degree weather.  It was certainly warm, but not unbearable.  We came home to 60 degree weather and rain.  I sit here now in front of my computer in my wool sweater, sweat pants, and fuzzy slippers.  Sigh.  We enjoyed several activities....swimming, Stone Mountain, Antebellum, The Georgia Aquarium, and an entertaining night at the Medieval Knights.  We had a full and very fun week!

Thank you Angie, Bill, Dottie, Olivia, and Aiden!  You were amazing hosts!
With love and gratitude...

 The kids had a great time in the pool! 
Stone Mountain
Playing school at the Powell Academy Schoolhouse at Antebellum
Ben doing his best to be the School Master....
Hot kids at the end of a long day.  Good sports!
The kids enjoyed the Sky Heights tree walking.  Freaked me out...but they all take after Marc --none of them has a fear of heights.  Yikes!

Julia keeping up with the boys!
Cooling off our hot feet in the creek.

Sophia and Mom cooling off at the creek.
Bill and Julia playing basketball.  Bill was a great sport!

The lovely Scott residence at dusk.  We had fun with sparklers and poppers.  Simple fun made for
 happy kids!

Good natured Angie!  What a trooper for taking all five of us on in her home for a week!

Backyard fun.  Toads!  Gross.

More critter catching.  This time it's fireflies.  Very cool.

We caught this one glowing.
Dottie -- Angie's mom -- was a tremendous help and blessed us with all of these outings.  Thank you for your generosity and kindness.  We had an amazing time.  Thank you!