Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Marc's Happy Birthday!

Today would have been Marc's 45th birthday.  Hard to believe!  If he were here we would have celebrated in the usual quiet way -- cake, dinner with family, gifts, and maybe plans for a "grown up" dinner-date over the weekend.  We would have enjoyed the day and celebrated his life...not in a huge, dramatic way.  Just special.  Like him.

Well, he's not here; however, that is not going to stop us from celebrating his life. We will likely enjoy a nice dinner, Sophie wants to make a cake, and we will certainly be doing things deliberately today to honor his memory.   Please join us today in remembering Marc in simple, happy ways.  He would have liked that.  Nothing dramatic.  Nothing big.  Just special.  Like him. 

With love and gratitude!

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  1. I listened to some Foreigner at lunch and thought of you. Nice, sunny day. It is definitely a special day. Happy Birthday Marc. We love you always. :)