Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break

When I outlined with the kids the projects I wanted to complete over spring break, Ben quickly dubbed our time off as "Spring-Break-My-Back."  After looking over my ambitious to-do list, I put off a couple of projects and added in a few more fun activities.  The result was a jam-packed week; however, it felt really good to work hard and play hard.  We are winding down today, finishing up with a few little projects, and tomorrow we will enjoy one final day of our break with nothing on our agenda. 

Here are a few pics from our week....

Along with doing our taxes, the biggest project on my list was cleaning out the garage.  Cleaning out the garage served two purposes.  First, I was sick of tripping over stuff and digging things out of piles.  Second, I now know exactly what tools we have and where they are.  For instance, I now know that we have no less than fifteen paint rollers.  That information would have come in handy when I needed them to paint the rental this January.   I wouldn't have purchased more. They were stored with the garden stuff.  Who woulda thunk it?!? 

I had to laugh, though, when I headed to the garage to put the new shelves together.  All the kids took bets as to how long until I swore.  Happy to say I didn't :)  Fortunately, the racks don't require using a drill or any fancy tools.  Just a rubber mallet.  That's right up my alley!  I'm quite pleased with the results.  Even the kids are impressed :)

My dear friend, Carla, had a birthday on Wednesday.  We spent the day with her and her girls at Ceramic Cafe and then came home for dinner and cupcakes.  The kids put lots of love (and even more sprinkles) into making those cupcakes!  

Carla had been kind enough to invite us to California Pizza Kitchen the previous Saturday.  She had a certificate that allowed the kids to tour the kitchen and then play chef for the morning.  They had a blast!  The pizza was good, too!  Thanks, Carla, for sharing the experience with us!

The pizza creations going into the huge oven.

Yesterday, Lil and I took the kids for a hike up Multnomah Falls.  As you can see it was Oregon weather at its finest.  The kids were troopers, though, and made it without whining.  We were soaked and frozen by the time we were through, but it was well worth it.  Marc and I used to love to hike the falls.  The kids have never done any of them.  They loved it and can't wait to go again...when it's sunny. 

We were also blessed to spend several evenings with friends and family having dinner.  Thanks Ken and Donna, Ruth and Steve, Tom and Jo Ann, for the great visits.  We had a lot of fun having dinner with all of you!

Hope you all had a great spring break! 
With love and gratitude....

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