Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sad Day

Please pray for the kids.  The new horse that we brought home a couple of weeks ago was disabled with a sudden neurological disorder.  Perhaps not so sudden -- it appeared to have been in the making for quite awhile; however, he only started showing symptoms yesterday.  By today his legs would not support him and he fell down in the barn.  I had to call the vet and put the boys' new horse down.  They are taking it quite hard.  I am so sad for all of them.  I had hoped this would be a fun experience for them, but it has ended a bit tragically.  I know the kids will be fine.   God will work this into a blessing somehow.  Unfortunately, today we get to taste a bit more grief.

We were grateful for the short amount of time we had with Jackson.  He was a lot of fun and it was a delight to see the kids hustling out to the barn in the morning and evening to do their chores.  They learned a lot about horse ownership in three short weeks.  It was a short and sweet time.

Again, we would be most grateful for your prayers. 
With love and gratitude...

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