Saturday, March 12, 2011

Claymation Creation!

Adam and Ben competed at their school talent show on Thursday.  They were elated to win second place with their claymation movie.  For their first venture, it was quite cute.  They learned a lot -- and so did I.  I am not technically savvy and was scrambling to help the boys out!  Again, my brother saved the day by helping us do the sound and helping me with some of the programs we needed to use.    He also did the voice-over of God, but he says you can just call him Paul.  The boys loved this project and can't wait to get started on their next.  They said that what they learned most was that they were able to do a big, technical project without their dad.  They didn't think that would ever be possible.  Marc would have loved watching them create this.  He would be so proud!   I see my boys becoming more like their dad every single day.  It makes me smile.

So after 1200 pictures and countless hours, they have a three minute movie! 
Cinematography at its finest! Enjoy!

Hope you all have a great week!
With love and gratitude....


  1. Wow...I'm impressed!

    I especially liked by how well the tears were done. Great job Ben & Adam!

    Perhaps we're seeing a glimpse of a future vocation???

    My prayers continue for you all.

    Love & hugs,

  2. Thanks for posting the boys' creation. We loved it!!! the Bartols

  3. Can you say "too precious" to two young men? With tears in my eyes,I'm gonna say that anyway. How proud their Dad would be and you too Mom for the work you continue.
    From someone who's been praying for your family

  4. Awesome job boys! Praying for you all
    Heather W.

  5. I laughed so hard!! That was terrific!! Roger and I really enjoyed it, you did such a great job, boys! I can't wait to show the boys tomorrow, they'll love it! Awesome!


  6. Beautifully done and such a strong message! You are all an inspiration to so many. Thank you!