Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Fun!

We have had a pretty exciting week around here!  Tuesday we attended the Winterhawks game, courtesy of the Harrison Family.  It was a great night and we were so grateful for the opportunity to get out and do something different.  Adam, Ben, and Julia, had a wonderful time with their friends.  I had fun watching them laugh and smile.  I can't explain it, but when my kids are happy these days, all is right with the world.  It warms my heart!  Thank you Tom, Jo Ann, and Lynsey!  We are grateful for your tremendous generosity in providing this opportunity for us.  It was so much fun!

I love this shot...we couldn't get anyone to cooperate!  My favorite is watching Jo Ann's son-in-law-to-be giving her rabbit ears.  He is one brave soul!

The boys' encounter with the "Rosebuds" -- Winterhawk cheerleaders/dancers
I don't think my boys know quite what to do with themselves! 

The girls chilling out, guzzling down the soda. 

After the game I headed home with my very packed van full of kids.  As we neared home it started to snow.  By the time we arrived at the house we already had a couple of inches accumulated on the ground.  It was midnight, but the kids were wired from all the fun and sugar that had during the evening.  The boys asked if they could go out and play in it.  Why not?  So, the boys headed outside and made snowmen and ran laps around the house.  Crazy kind of fun!

The next morning we had a great accumulation of really wet snow.  All the kids dashed outside after breakfast to play.  They had received toboggans last year for Christmas and this was the first chance they had to use them.  They were a huge hit and they worked great!  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma :)

On your mark!

Get set!


Sophie isn't quite so aggressive.  She finds it more fun to just sit in the sled.

I hate it when that happens to my eyelashes...

Hurley acquires his target....
(This dog is insane in the snow!)

Target destroyed! 

As much fun as the kids are having, the snow makes me a bit nervous.  The power went out last night just as my mom was starting to warm up some soup.  I am reluctant to hook up the generator -- another first that makes me nervous.  We muddled through with a camp burner and LOTS of candles.  The downside was that they were all scented jar candles.  By the end of the evening the house smelled horrible.  Something between bad cologne and a Hallmark store.  Ick.  We had a nice time sitting in front of the fire and visiting, though. Kind of quiet and relaxing (or boring...if you ask my kids). I managed to get the kids all settled in sleeping bags in front of the fire just as the power came back on.  Never fails! 

Tonight there is still snow on the ground and it is supposed to get really cold.  I was proud of myself.  I drained the water lines to barn this time without a hitch and got all the animals settled so they won't be miserable.  I managed to get everything buttoned up in less than 15 minutes this time.  Woo-hoo! Last time it took me two hours.  Ahhh...progress....

My house with Christmas lights for the first time ever. 
Thanks, Dad!

We are looking forward to spending New Year's Eve with family and friends this year.  2010 was challenging and, at times, devastating for us, but at the same time we would be remiss if we didn't admit that we have seen more blessings and been shown more love than we can ever remember.  God is good.  We can't deny that.

Thank you all for blessing us! 
With love and gratitude...

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  1. We loved all the pictures and the Christmas lights on the house were beautiful.Jim and Ginny, what a blessing you are to Jane and the kiddos. Lord bles YOU.!! Jane I am so proud of you and all the "first times" you are doing out there. I didn't know I could until that "first time" was staring me in the face. The Lord always either supplied my need with help or gave me the strength to do it myself. :)
    Luvs and Hugs,